The control system of butterfly valve

by Admin / Saturday, 22 November 2014 / Published in Human Resources
Development course of butterfly valve

Butterfly is not a new product, throughout its nearly 80 years of history, although butterfly promotion in our country is something after the 1970s, but in the 30s of last century, the United States invented the butterfly. So compared to other countries, we have a lot to learn and improve.
Many Chinese valve industry chain, but non-valve power. To see the whole country has entered the ranks of the world's great powers valve, but the quality of products from the point of view of the valve power is still a long gap. Production of industry concentration, low-end products supporting the valve R & D capabilities, low level of manufacturing technology valve industry still exists, import and export trade deficit continues to expand. Really able to survive in the market is absolutely no valve business there are so many. However, this high-speed valve industry will bring tremendous opportunities to shock, shock results of the operation will make the market more rational. Localization of the road end of the valve abnormality "bumpy." The base member has become a constraining the development of China's manufacturing industry to high-end short board, the government will continue to increase during the second five components of high-end equipment localization efforts. Here we choose "implementation plan" in reference to the development of several key industry representative valves import substitution feasibility analysis. From the analysis we can see that the various sub-sectors of the feasibility of large differences in import substitution valves, high-end valve urgent need for more policy guidance and research support.
Valve industry in national economic development as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, play a very important role. Because China's domestic valve manufacturing level, compared with the international advanced level is still a gap, a lot of high-parameter, high temperature and high pressure, high-pound class have been dependent on imports of raw key valve, such as the European OMAL brand has been the main choice of target domestic industry valve applications . To urge the valve localization, after the State Council issued "Opinions on Accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", the state authorities in accordance with the requirements of major equipment to the country, has made a series of major deployment, led by the National Development and Reform Commission China Machinery industry Federation and the China General Machinery industry Association, together with the deployment of the formulation of the valve localization of major equipment programs in related fields, and has coordinated with the authorities, and now valve localization in the domestic valve industry have formed a consensus. Active use of international standards for product design; excellent design structure of foreign (including patents); product testing, performance testing carried out in strict accordance with international standards; absorption of foreign advanced production technology and marketing experience in the application of new emphasis on research materials; clarify imports high parameters valve products technical parameters and working conditions, etc. is to accelerate the localization process, promoting the valve product updates, the full realization of localization only way valve. With the accelerated pace of the valve industry restructuring, future of the industry will be the safety valve product quality and product competition between brands, product development to high-tech, high-parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction, and only through constant technological innovation, development new products, technological innovation, in order to gradually increase the level of product technology to meet domestic devices supporting the full realization of the valve localization. China's valve manufacturing industry in huge demand environment, will exhibit better prospects for development.

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