The control system of butterfly valve

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The possible problems and solutions of flange butterfly valve

Flange butterfly valves with simple structure, small size and light weight is assembled by several components. Valves are able to be open or close rapidly according to the disc revolve during 0 degree to 90 degree. When flange butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the disc thickness is only object which affect resistance. Therefore, flange butterfly valves are able to be controlled the flow.
For flange butterfly valve, the material of sealing structure is PTFE, and valve seat consist of synthetic rubber. Because the friction coefficient of PTFE is low enough, it will reduce the damage of valve body and increase the valve life.Flange butterfly valve is a valve with a flange, it is suitable to use flange butterfly valve to connect the pipes with flange.
The possible problems of flange butterfly valve is a sensitive question to both manufacturer and consumer. Followings are some possible problems and solutions of flange butterfly valve.

problem A: Sealing surface leakage
1. There are some foreign materials between valve disc and sealing ring.
2. Valve disc is not able to be closed completely when it is in off position.
3. The flange bolt (which is equipped on exports) is loaded uneven force or it is not clamped.
4. the direction of pressure test does not follow the requirements.

1. Removing the foreign materials and clean the valve cavity. Regular inspection is necessary.
2. Adjusting the worm gear or electric actuator to achieve the proper off position.
3. Checking the clamping force of flanges and bolts, and it should be clamped evenly.
4. Confirming the direction of pressure test.

Problem B: End surface of the valve leakage
1. The sealing gasket out of action.
2. There is uneven clamping force between flanges and bolts of pipes.

1. The replacement of sealing gasket.
2. Confirming that the press of flanges and bolts is evenly.

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