The control system of butterfly valve

by Admin / Friday, 28 November 2014 / Published in Human Resources
The rise of ceramic butterfly valve With the development of infrastructure, construction and implementation of national investment in large-scale projects, so that the number of electric power, petroleum, chemical, urban water supply, drainage systems, more and more butterfly valves, especially the amount is quite large relative to the widespread use of metal valves, new ceramic materials are widely used, making the ceramic control corrosion, high temperature, wear resistance, erosion, has a significant breakthrough anti-magnetic and anti- static, etc., more able to adapt to the harsh conditions of the work environment.
Metal valves has been a century of history, although improved metal valve construction and materials has been a lot of progress, but subject to restrictions properties, can not meet the increasingly high abrasion, corrosion and other harsh conditions demand, mainly in the short life, serious leaks, and these greatly affect the stability of the system operation. So it is necessary to conduct a thorough reform of the metal valves from materials, design and manufacturing processes and so on.
The ceramic material used in industrial valves is a bold and useful innovation. Deformation of ceramic materials is small, than the metal has a much higher bond strength, generally consisting of ceramic material of small crystal ionic radius, and ion price is high, a large coordination number, these properties determine the tensile strength of ceramic materials, compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness and so very high. Ceramic itself, however, "brittle" and difficult to machine limits its scope of application of the last few years, due to the martensitic transformation toughening technology, composite materials and nano-ceramic Branch Technical concept development and progress has been made ceramics "brittle "has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength has been greatly improved, expanding the scope of application
Therefore, the higher the cost advantage will also greatly expand the range of applications of ceramic valve can be widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, paper, oil refining and coal industries of all kinds of acid salts of gas, liquid, high-temperature steam, mud and ash conveying system for regulating traffic or cut off the media.
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