Grooved ends fire signal butterfly valve

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Grooved end fire signal butterfly valve

The technical data of fire signal butterfly valves:
1. Flange confirm to: ANSI B 16.1
2. Grooved confirm to: AWWA C606
3. Connection confirm to: AWWA C606, ANSI B 16.1
4. Top flange confirm to: ISO5211

The advantage of butterfly valves:
1. Light in weight, easy installation. The pipe and valve can be clamped directly, suitable for frequent dismanting.
2. Maximized effective diameter.
3. Rubber vulcanized body avoiding the seat displacement.
4. Complete spherical sealing.
5. All parts can be disassembeled and assembles, easily and quick maintenance.
6. Operator option is handle, manual gear or electric signal gear.

Our advantage of producing butterfly valve:
1. Newly developed facilities ensure high and stable quality
2. Enable to supply all kinds of butterfly valve
3. Excellent after-sale service to satisfy our customers
4. Ensure prompt delivery
5. Reasonable and stable price
6. Meet different countries standards

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