Sell double flanged eccentric rubber seated butterfly valve

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Sell double flanged eccentric rubber seated butterfly valve
Application and design characters of eccentric flanged butterfly valve:
1. This product can be applied in the pipeline of water station, power station, metallurgy, paper-making, chemical, food, especially drinking water and sewage as the throttling-off or flow control.
2. Design standard in accordance with BS, AWWA, DIN and JIS.
3. Connection flange in accordance with BS, ISO, ANSI, DIN and JIS.
4. Face to face in accordance with DIN3202 F4 or f5, ISO5752 Service 13 or 14, BS5755.
5. Double eccentric structure, reduces the sealing ring friction, minimizes the operating torque, improves the using life, Successful tightness, no leakage.
6. Optimized design, simple structure, light weight, 90°turning, operating quickly.
7. "T"structure of mating disc surface, line contract Tightness. The seat screw can be adjusted on 360°, replacement and maintenance on line. When working pressure is PN25, the valve is with flow through disc, high strength, light weight, better flow characteristics and high Cv value.

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